Albuquerque Beekeepers

Urban beekeeping in New Mexico's largest city.

Well, here we go again, sharing our NM bees first and foremost with NM bee stewards.

We are so very happy to be celebrating a decade of service providing high quality, healthy honeybees, queens, pollination services, varietal honeys, classes, y mas.


We plan to continue to share the best of what we have been diligently applying our skills and resources to until our backs give out ;)


We are a chemical-free operation, from start to finish. We have helped to define and promote survivor stock for the region and broader national and global bee breeding industries. And we are located right here in the Land of Enchantment.


We highly encourage those who are new and experienced in beekeeping to consider the following:

**Over 18 new pest and diseases have been introduced to the U.S. and to NM since the 1980's from imported bees.  

** The recent Small Hive Beetle appearance definitely came in from imported packages.

**The rise of Africanized honeybees in urban locations is due to imported bees as well...


YOU DO THE MATH...if you want to really help save the bees and promote a more sustainable approach and management of needed pollinators, then support and participate in local production.


IT TAKES A COMMUNITY TO RAISE BEES- anyone can import, but only those who are willing to learn and apply themselves and collaborate, can help NM to produce NM bees.


We invite those interested in sharing brood to help produce more local hardy survivor bees to reach out to us. We are open to working with others and hope to encourage more educated and conscientous management for a healthy today and a resilient tomorrow :)


Locally produced Langstroth starter nucleus hives from proven survivor stock longevity based breeding program, $225 (includes 4 combs of bees, brood, a mated survivor queen and some food stores in a lightweight, reusable weather resistant transport nuc box).


Limited Availability as we work with NM growing calendar and Mother Nature.

To place a reservation, call/text us at 505.929.8080 or email:

and visit our website at


Yours in Beekeeping-


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