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Hello! Many of you may already know that I am a teacher at a local charter middle/high school. I am also a doctoral student in curriculum and instruction and have been working on a beekeeping curriculum for young adults.

Over the past five years I've been dreaming of using this curriculum to start a beekeeping elective at my school and this year I finally think I'm going to be able to get it done.

I am looking for experienced beekeepers to serve as "hosts" for some of the outings that the students will be doing over the course of a semester. I will need these hosts to be available on Fridays between 8 a.m. and Noon beginning August 27th. The electives run on Fridays and I would need people who are willing to let the students (usually about 10-12 students aged 12 to 18 years) observe and interact with the bees. I want it to be as hands-on as you are comfortable with; however, please know that I will spend a great deal of time preparing the students for their first hands-on experience.

Most likely you would only "host" a group once, as I'd like the students to see different types of hives, hear different methods and practices, and meet a wide variety of people.

Why don't I use my own hives? One word: liability. A teacher inviting students to her home is typically a big no-no. But there would be no liability with them visiting you as it would be covered by the school's insurance. I can give you more information on this later.

If you are interested, please post a reply here and join this group. I plan to initiate our first meeting in early August.

Thanks for your support!

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Hello Monica- we might be able to host a visit on a Friday. Thing is, here on the mountain we start to shut down come early Fall so it would be best to have visitors sooner vs. later at our home farm. We can share our harvesting methods (extractor and comb) and also poke around the various hives. Might be able to coordinate with Les- if he is interested and able- and perhaps have the kids come visit both of us since we are located close by. We are about 2 hours from ABQ and of course then the drive to and from would take half the day unless they got an early start. Melanie
Hello. I'm a beekeeper in the north valley and may be able to host. I may even have a better one; I have a glass observation hive that I bring to schools and other venues for folks to get a close look at the hive while in a classroom setting. It can be plumbed to be operational inside while allowing them access outside through a vent, our placed in an outside setting and still see through the glass ( this is a langstroth type hive) with Windows all around.
Please let me know.



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