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Here I am just starting my beekeeping adventure. My inspiration was a swarm of bees that landed in our backyard last week and I had a couple of the members from this site come and pick up the swarm. I asked a lot of questions and was fascinated by the swarm collecting process.

Well I've already read a couple of books and have decided to give beekeeping a try. I've decided to use a top bar hive to avoid heavy lifting because of a bad back. Also, since I'm on disability and don't have a lot of money, I think the top bar hive is a good choice.

I've asked my partner if he could make me a top bar hive for my birthday, which is actually today. I think I've got him talked into it. ;)

We have a sunken area of our back yard where I'll be placing my hive. Since that area needs some care and landscaping I'm going to turn the soil and pull out the weeds and plant a wildflower garden in that area of the yard. I'm also going to make a small 35 gallon tub pond which I'll put water hyacinth and mosquito fish in for the bee's water source.

I'm hoping to take Les Crowder's beginning beekeeping class on April 29th here in Albuquerque. That will depend on my budget though.

Well that's it for now.


P.S. Is there a membership fee for the Albuquerque Beekeepers?

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Comment by Randy Elliott on April 9, 2012 at 9:33pm

Hey Joe. Good to see you. Thanks for answering all my questions when you were here to pick up the swarm last week. You made a big impression on me and got me interested in beekeeping. Randy

Comment by Joe Wesbrook on April 9, 2012 at 9:21pm


Welcome to the Beeks.  No membership fee.  Keep updated about meetings, etc. here on the website.  Next meeting sometime later this month.  Email Chantal Foster or Jessie Brown (see members list) and one may be able to pair you up with a mentor.  There's lots of top-bar folks out there who will be happy to answer any questions.  C'mon on down to Ken Hays' place in Bosque Farms on 5/12 for an all-day sucker on beekeeping. Call him @ 869-2369 for more info.  Now's the perfect time to start.  Joe

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