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Nuc didn't expand to other frames - need more bees!

Hi There!
This year I got my very first hive of bees! I purchased a nuc of bees with a 2019 queen that looked very healthy and happy. Unfortunately, they really struggled to expand, and my 4 frame nuc has only expanded to become a 5 frame nuc... I'm afraid they won't last the winder with help. Anyone have extra frames of brood that would need a home?

Other info:

  • Location is North Valley
  • Hive is traditional Langstoth
  • I have been feeding bees with pollen patties and sugar
  • Queen is a 2019 (green dot)
  • Been checking on them on average every 10ish days 

Any advice to get them though the winter, or anyone with extra bees that I could add to my hive?

Thank you all so much! 


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