Call your Senate Conservation Committee Members to support the UNM Wild Friends for pollinator friendly labeling of plants in nurseries around the state! It will also include a Pollinator friendly garden at the Roundhouse and a Statewide Bee Aware Day.

Here's the list of the Conservation Committee:

Chair: Joseph Cervantes (D) 505-986-4861
Vice Chair: Elizabeth Stefanics (D) 505-986-4377
Ranking Member : John Pat Woods (R) 505-986-4393
Ron Griggs (R) 505-986-4369
Richard Martinez (D) 505-986-4487
Cisco McSorley (D) 505-986-4389
William Payne (R) 505-986-4703
William Soules (D) 505-986-4834
Peter Wirth (D) 505-986-4727

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