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Unsolicited emails 10 Replies

Started by Dan Humbles. Last reply by Abq Beeks Nov 24, 2019.

Possible Swarm Developing 2 Replies

Started by Stacy Warden. Last reply by Buckner Creel Jul 5, 2019.

Sell/Trade + Donate/Volunteer

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Equipment for sale

Started by Carl Smith Jan 11.

Formic acid Varroa treatment 1 Reply

Started by Deborah Cox. Last reply by Amy Owen Nov 1, 2019.

Smoker Fuel 4 Replies

Started by Buckner Creel. Last reply by Buckner Creel Oct 6, 2019.

News + Announcements

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Susan Clair

Started by Abq Beeks Jan 6.

PowerPoints from Sept. Meeting

Started by Abq Beeks Sep 26, 2019.

So You Wanna See Bees? 3 Replies

Started by Birdie J. Last reply by Birdie J Aug 25, 2019.

How to Start Beekeeping in Albuquerque

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Started by Conrad Sarvis Sep 11, 2019.

Starting a colony

Started by Michael Major Aug 16, 2019.

TOWN of Bernalillo

Started by Sam Aug 12, 2019.


Started by Karina Graham Jul 18, 2019.

Hives + Bees

General questions, comments, thoughts about hive management, bee health, honey harvesting, etc. View Discussions

Buying package bees 4 Replies

Started by Allison Moore. Last reply by Allison Moore Dec 29, 2019.

Package bees 2 Replies

Started by Bridget C Montano. Last reply by Bridget C Montano Dec 19, 2019.

Horizontal hive 1 Reply

Started by Bridget C Montano. Last reply by Jill Ross Oct 8, 2019.


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