all-in-one plastic frames and foundation?

Does anyone have feedback on all-in-one plastic frames and foundation? I bought a bunch and put it in my deep super (for brood and honey) about 1 month ago. The foundation is wax coated. I put it in all 4 of my hives. My bees haven't touched it. They have not drawn ANY comb. I have seen growth in all other areas of my boxes in the last month. This is the first time that I bought these frames... I am really disappointed. Any thoughts?

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  • Given the choice my bees prefer to use plastic foundation if it is on a wooden frame. I inherited some all plastic frames that some of my hives accept with no problems, some will only use them if there is a strong nectar flow. Once they start using a frame they continue to do so. I have one hive that has elected to use all plastic frames for the brood chamber all other things being equal I often find my girls will even eschew pure wax foundation or open frames if they feel there is no need for more room. Just because you give them space does not mean they feel the need to fill it. To be trite: No flow No fill.
  • Shouldn't have bought plastic frames. My bees dispise that stuff. The bees have made another statement!

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