Bees and Weeds: Alternatives to Chemicals

It is important to educate our communities and neighbors about alternatives to Herbicides/Roundup. They impact our bees!
Here's a great recipe!
1 gallon white vinegar
2 cups epsom salt
Shake up
add tbsp Dawn dish detergent.
Spray on small weeds among rocks or on soil. Mechanically pull larger weeds!
Bee safe!
(Thanks to Corva Rose, orchardist and landscaper for this recipe!

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  • Hi Anita,
    Thank you so kindly for posting this important information! Please feel free to continue to post other things of interest to our community. We want all of our pollinators to be safe.
    Take care,
    • Thanks Birdie! BTW, what an awesome new face the ABQ Beeks has!
      • We aim to please! Or at least pollinate! LOL! Thanks, Anita, you are awesome!
        Take care,
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