Empty hive :-(

ABQ Beekeeper colleagues, I am a novice; this was my first winter as a beekeeper and I had what I thought was a strong hive going into winter and had left them lots of honey [15+ bars]. Over the last week I noticed some coming and going from the hive and quite a few dead bees left just outside the hive in what I thought was routine late winter cleaning of the hive. Today I noted no activity in the late afternoon and decided to open the hive [top bar] to take a look. I found the hive empty except 5-10 bees slowly walking over the comb and 100 plus dead bees on the bottom of the hive and maybe half a cup of chewed up wax, some just outside the entrance and some gathered just inside the entrance. the comb looked in good condition, no evidence of moths, but was empty of honey and larvae and bees. Thoughts? Any advice greatly appreciated! Isabel and Bruce

Several photos attached. 




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  • Me too. Did your hive have a smell? Was there a white/milky color on your frames?

    Sorry for your loss. I adore my bees.... it just plain sucks. :(

  • Might they have eaten all their honey and then left because there was no more honey or might they have been robbed? Other options? 

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