Introducing Virtual Mentoring!


We are pleased to help ABQ Beeks meet other ABQ Beeks with our new Virtual Mentoring program!

Because of COVID-19, mentoring cannot be done in person. That doesn't mean that we can't help each other learn how to manage our hives!

How Virtual Mentoring works:

If you would like to be a mentor, post a little bit about yourself and what kind of hives (i.e. Langstroth, Top Bar, etc.) that you have experience using.

If you need mentoring, post a little bit about yourself and what kind of hives you have.

Connect with another ABQ Beek!

Then, arrange a time to mentor. This can be done using Facetime or Skype or Zoom. The mentee can do a hive check or have a conference call with their mentor, and show their hive in real-time using the video functions on their phone or mobile device. The mentor can offer advice and suggestions in real-time!

We are Beeks in the 21st century and we are not going to let a virus get the better of our community!

To get started, start a discussion in this forum and introduce yourself here:

Let's do this!


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  • Looking for a mentor. I appreciate the work that goes into the monthly meetings, however, they are usualloy too advanced for many of us new beekeepers. I have soooo many questions but feel a bit intimidated taking up time at the meetings with them. Wondering if there could be a Q&A meeting of sorts for new/inexperienced beeks.I'm starting to feel that us amateur backyard beekeepers are doing more harm than good sometimes. Sorry to sound whiney!

    I have one top bar hive (new hive box this year) and installed a package on April 13, released the queen around 4/20. As of this week, I have 10 very full frames of "stuff" - I'm never really sure what I'm looking at and have never seen a queen in 2 years of beekeeping:-(  I think I have a healthy hive with capped and uncapped honey, brood comb, some drone comb. I put empty bars in between most of the full bars but then read that one should only put empty bars at either end of the brood comb bars. Is this going to be a problem? I feared that the hive was getting too full too fast and might swarm. I saw what might be a swarm cell but not sure. Should I think about splitting the hive if it continues to rapidly grow like this? How do I do that? Do I need another hive box then? Would harvesting some honey reduce or increase the chance of swarming? 

    • I agree with you about feeling a little intimidated in speaking up in one of the meetings.  There is so much we don't know yet and don't want our new hive to fail.  If there were a meeting for new beekeepers to ask questions, we would be interested in attending it.  


  • We are getting our first beehive and bees this weekend and are hoping to find a virtual mentor to guide us through our first season.

    We are getting a triple deep hive with bees and will be setting it up in northeast Albuquerque near Montgomery and Wyoming.  It will have a 2019 queen.

    If you are able to assist us, please contact Joe at 505-250-8896, or Janice at 505-235-5266,

    Thank you.


  • Old man, young beekeeper:)

    I was filming the entrance to one of my hives, curious as to why there was so much activity. It turns out the bees were killing an intruder bee. How common is this, and is there anything I need to worry about other than keeping the entrance reducer in place.
  • Hello all!

    I am very interested in finding a virtual mentor. This is my first year at attempting beekeeping and am very eager to learn, and definitely have much of that to do! I've setup a topbar hive in a location that I think should be good: it should receive decent shade in the summer, especially after 2pm, and should get good sun exposure in the winter to help keep warm in the winter months.

    As of right now, I'm super interested (albeit a little intimidated) to catch a swarm and introduce it to the hive. I'd be interested in being on the swarm list but would love some guidance in what to do. If possible, I would love to go an observe someone catch a swarm (from a healthy 6+ ft away) before trying it myself. Of course, any advice is extremely welcomed.

    Looking forward to meeting and learning from all of you!

    • Hi Trevor!
      I am willing to be a mentor this year. I can't at the moment - my brother recently had a stroke and a heart attack and is in the hospital. Once he is in the clear, I plan to help out with virtual mentoring. I will touch base with you when I am able to assist. In the meantime, if you want to be on the swarm list, I would be pleased to add you (I see that you became a member, thank you!) if you like, and will notate in the list that you want to assist in capturing a swarm.
      Take care,
      • Hi Birdie!
        I'm really sorry to hear about your brother's challenges to his health. I wish him all the best during his recovery.
        If you're able to add me to the list indicating that I'm interested in helping, that would be amazing! I also submitted my information via the swarm list form.
        Looking forward to learning from you when things settle down.
        Best regards,
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"Hi, I would like to be included on the swarm contact list, can you send me an e-mail? Thank You"
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Jun 9, 2020 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm


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I will be putting in an order today from Mann Lake, if you want anything added call me at 228-7869. 05-28-2020