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I will probably have some extra mated queens by early September.  The queen stock is from a second year hive off a BeeWeaver queen raised in Hawaii (meaning not much, lol) and strong, and I can tell you the local zip code they were mated in.  Other than that, I make no promises except she will be mated and laying.  I have had good success so far in the mating yards so I expect I may end up with more than I want to over winter.  Just checking if there is any interest...?  We will probably have more extras next year also depending on how aggressive we get with our growth.  

Thanks..  Bee well!

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  • Hi Justin, probably a slight chance you still have any mated queens. If you do, I need one asap!


    Anita Amstutz

    text or call 505-514-4982

  • Hi,  Fairly new to bee keeping here.  I have two hives that I sort of gave up on cause it was late in the year and neither has a queen.  Do you think it is worth a shot if I combine the two and buy one of your queens?  I was thinking I'd do the newspaper thing where you put one hive on the other with newspaper in between so they slowly accept each other.  Do you have any thoughts on this?   Thanks,  Bob

    • Hi Bob,

      What kind of hives are you running?  How much honey/pollen have the bees stored up between the two hives?  

      If you have 10,000 (about 4 full frames) bees between the 2 hives and some brood/honey/pollen it might be worth a shot at putting in a new queen.  If the numbers of bees have dwindled to less than this and you have no capped brood, it is probably not worth the money. 

      We also sell swarms in the spring.  If you don't try to recolonize the hives this year, we can fill up your boxes in the spring.  It is probably a good idea to get the frames with wax and pollen into the freezer, to kill wax moths, so you don't lose the effort of this years bees to build comb.     

  • I would be interested in one of your queens.  Call me at 857-9884.  Thanks Chris

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