I ordered a package of bees from Tractor Supply because I didn't know where else to order from.  The package arrived today and they were all dead.  Just lying in a mound at the bottom of the box.  Is there anywhere else I can get bees from this late?  I would take a split or a swarm.  I'm heart broken.

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  • I should have a couple of nuc's ready to sell in the next couple of weeks if you are interested


    • I would definitely be interested in a nuc.  

  • Hi Sarah,

    I am so sorry that you ended up with dead bees! I hope that Tractor Supply refunded you! The weather has been so hot, I am not surprised that package bees did not make the travel to you.

    It is Spring, and hives are swarming, so some beeks may have splits available soon. You could also post on the Swarm Swap thread - folks are connecting who collect swarms to share or sell with those who need a swarm. A local swarm is a MUCH better option for bees than a package as the bees are local.

    Take care, and good luck,


    • It is sad, but understandable with it being so hot.  I was surprised that there was no feeder can at all in the package, just a piece of candy.  The bees were doomed with the heat and no liquid at all available to them.  I did get my money back from Tractor Supply which is good.

      • I have a Langstroth nuc ready to sell right now. It's from a swarm from my own hive, which originally issued from a feral hive.

        • Oh, that would be great! 

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