Nosema Ceranae?

I have three hives on my roof. I checked them on a warm day about three weeks ago and the bees were doing well. I didn't pull frames out, as we still aren't consistently warm. There was lots of action and there was happy bee humming, good smell. I went up to just sit with them as they came in and out of the hive today and not a single bee was moving. I opened the first hive and it smelled like chemicals. I ended up pulling every frame from all of my hives. There were no more than 20 live bees. Two of the hives smelled like chemicals. There was plenty of honey and TONS of white pollen in all three hives. (My apricot tree is in full bloom.) There were a couple clumps of dead bees on comb but not many, some dead on the floor but again, not many. There was also a very distinct hazy/white color on the comb and wax. There is no sign of dysentery in the hives.  I live in Rio Rancho. I also have a some hives down in the valley that were split from the hives in RR... I was told today that they seem fine.

Obviously, all of my hives in RR collapsed but after doing some reading, I think it was Nosema Caranae. Looks like I would have  to study samples under a microscope to say for sure.

Anyone else see this in your hives? Ideas? Theories? Suggestions of local resources to analyze some specimen? 

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  • I believe your bees were struck by Varroa. The rest probably froze due to lack of number. In my opinion Daniel 550 6136.
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