I would like to thank the Beeks who manned the swarm board.  Thanks to them I have been fortunate to have rescued 6 swarms of bees in the northeast heights bounded by San Mateo, east and Academy north.  I wondered if any record of swarm locations had been kept during the season.  I thought that it might be of scientific value.  I know that in a tree behind me at Forest Hills and Barnhart I have seen no fewer than 7 swarms in a tree too tall to rescue.  I often wondered where they swarmed off to and what their final destination was.

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  • Thanks Ray for your response. The question about swarm locations was to prompt a scientific inquiry.  Its value as to swarm trap placement is indeed part of the value.  It might be of value to know which areas of town are the most bee friendly, plant wise.  It also might suggest placement of hives where there was a shortage of bees in order to make pollination more productive.  It could also prompt questions and answers to where die-off and disease were more prevalent.  That's the wonder of science, not only what it finds but the responses it prompts. 

    • Would be nice if their was funding for such a study. Your speaking to the choir as I spent several years as a research scientist in a goverment facility.
  • The info you concerning swarm locations certainly has swarm trap placement value.
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