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  • Hello all, I am a brand new 87107 bee keeper.  I have a top bar hive with packaged bees that seems to be doing OK so far (fingers very much crossed). I would love to find an experienced person who might be interested in being a mentor, even if just via email.  Absolutely loving my hive so far and am very thankful that the poor bees who got stuck with this newbie seem to know what they are supposed to do. Thank you!

  • Watching the hives wake up and bringing in a fair amount of pollen. For my hives here in the North Valley, so far it looks as if I only lost one over the winter. Anyone else fare out?
  • Not much honey then...lots of pollen and brood...but they might have more honey now since they've really been busy and have plenty of forage...hopefully.
  • Not much you can do about the weather. If your hive had lots of bees and capped brood two weeks ago, there should now be plenty of bees to keep any new brood warm. I'm assuming they had honey on those 3 frames - yes?

  • Kate Hollander, did you find someone to help you get your hive ready? I can help Friday around noonish if help is still needed.

  • Hi all...
    I'm also a new beek in the Certified 2 yr. program. I have a hive in a Crowder top bar...they survived the winter and look healthy and productive but the colony is small, only 3 full bars as of two weeks ago. I'm concerned with the freeze warning for tonight and tomorrow...any suggestions?
  • Greetings, all -- I'm in the 87107 and am a new beek. This is my first year and I have a two-week old colony in a T.J. style top-bar. I'm in the NM Beekeepers Asscn. Certified 2-year apprentice program. Cheers! 

  • I need help with a hive that no longer has bees.  I noticed it was empty about a month ago, and the person who usually helps me with my two hives has had an accident and is no longer able to help.  If you could come help me open this hive, clean it, and get it ready to put bees in, I would be most grateful, and would pay.  Please let me know if you can do this.  I will try to learn from you how to do  it so that I can do it myself if it ever happens again.  Thanks, Kate Hollander 550-2042.  I live in Dietz Farm.

  • Good morning Mace. I just obtained a second cutout for the season, merged the two together, and will be performing a wellness check this weekend. You are more than welcome to join me, as I enjoy passing on what knowledge I can. My hives are near 4th and Solar. Please give me a call 301-7749 or email 


  • Hello all! I've got a top bar that is already in full swing (with a 2nd hive due in early June).  New combs are quickly being built with plenty others that have brood and capped honey.  I bought my established hive (from Les C.) about a month ago and am new to everything.  If someone is willing to have me come over to help them (or vice versa) I'd sure appreciate the practical experience and would like to meet an experienced beek to learn from.

    Please shoot me an email at or simply call me at 480-6108 if anyone is open to help me or me to help them with their hive.  I live near Anderson Fields.

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Educational 'Glass' Hive

Last year I built a 3 frame observation hive so that my daughters could see how bees acted within a hive, in fact even used it as a rescue hive for a colony that was very weak throughout the winter. They absolutely loved it. Couldn't get my youngest away from it.The idea really sparked from when I was a kid and my grandfather built a full size hive, one Deep and one Med with glass on all the sides, and a topfeeder for winter feeding; and placed it in the living room with a tube going from the…

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87107 Beeks - I'm not able to harvest honey this year and know someone who would like to buy honey harvested ONLY from the North Valley. Does anyone have some to sell? He'll want a couple of quarts, maybe more. Thanks, Christianne
Sep 20, 2016
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"no calls in the past two weeks. "
May 25, 2015
Ben Noyce posted a discussion in 87107 Beeks
Anyone receive any swarm calls? I know this weather has been keeping a lid on things but haven't seen or heard of much. Anyone else?
May 24, 2015
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I hope all you north valley beeks are having a great season!  Our hives over-wintered great and have given us extra bees and lots of work!
Apr 24, 2015