Amy Owen replied to David Roth's discussion 4 Weeks
"Wowza!  So happy for you.  That's some solid brood dude.  "
May 18
Amy Owen replied to Randy S.'s discussion New Mexico beekeepers weigh in on ‘murder hornets’ and preparations to keep bees safe
"Great job Lu Lu! Thanks for sharing Randy. "
May 12
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May 11
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Hi All!  These are some unprecedented times, and I hope your bees are providing you some reprieve.Our meeting for May was to include this video, and some explanations regarding mite load percentages.  In lieu of the meeting, I will place my video an…
May 10
Amy Owen posted a discussion
Hi all!  My friend who teaches at a middle school has been creating videos for her students while schools are closed.  This video isn't great quality, but the content is hilarious and informatiive.  I hope you enjoy and can share with friends who ma…
May 1
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Aug 16, 2018 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Bosque School, Budhager Hall

Mar 10
Amy Owen replied to Deborah Cox's discussion Formic acid Varroa treatment
"Hi Debbie!
I have some, but I'm afraid it may be too cold now to use formic acid.  "Outside daytime highs should be between 50 - 85°F on day of application. The Formic Acid vapors get moved throughout the hive by the bees fanning and bringing fresh…"
Nov 1, 2019
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Hi all! If you have a bee vac I could borrow today it'd be greatly appreciated and well taken care of. You can contact me at 575-496-0518. Thanks!
Jul 22, 2018
Amy Owen replied to Albuquerque Beeks's discussion Meeting Dates
"I will be speaking on fall hive management. I can't remember who our other speaker is right now, but will post them soon! We will be breaking up into 'area' groups so that we can get to know one another, and get help from our neighbors in our apiari…"
Jul 22, 2018
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Hi lovely beekeepers! I have an opportunity to present to you: there is a long established hive in a wall (the kind that his made to look like adobe...(but is some sort of framing, 'chicken wire', and plaster) that needs to be removed. The location…
Jul 19, 2018
Amy Owen left a comment for Hugo Saul Hernandez
"Thanks Hugo. I cancelled our spot at the Railyards this Sunday. I appreciate your willingness to help. I will be in contact with them regarding upcoming events"
May 12, 2018
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"Hi Josh-
I’m busy this week weekend-but please contact me tha following week. 
May 12, 2018
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If you would like to be on the panel to discuss your thoughts and practices for treating varroa, please let us know!  email:
Mar 6, 2018
Amy Owen posted a discussion
At this time of year would you focus more on combining a swarm/small hive capture with an existing hive? Would you wait and see how they do in the next month before deciding on combining? For TBH users, how many bars do you like to see in a hive goi…
Aug 11, 2017
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I am unsure of his location, but do know he has some farm acreage that he would like pollinated. Please contact him for more details: Franklin Wilson 505-610-3303
Jul 18, 2017
Amy Owen left a comment on East Mountain Beeks
"Jeannie-we put up an electric fence around my hives. Neighbors have seen bears in our area. I'd hate to find my hive torn apart by a bear. New Mexico Game and Fish gives away a set number of solar powered electric fences to beekeepers. You may want…"
Jul 15, 2017