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"Hi Jeannie,  
Are you attending the NM Beekeepers conference tomorrow?  There will be a talk by someone who works really hot bees!   could be interesting. 

I think requeening might calm things down,  so I have heard. 

Jul 26, 2019
Jason Fink left a comment on Topbar hive users.
"I have a couple of hives available right now.
You can see the hives on my website:  NM Beeworks

Jun 19, 2019
Jason Fink posted a discussion
New Mexico Beeworks has several TJ Carr style hives manufactured and available.Single window observation hive, with glass, painted oil-base white,  bars are waxed and ready to go.  $250.Also have a TJ Carr honey harvester with buckets and filters an…
Mar 11, 2019
Jason Fink replied to Jason Fink's discussion TJ Carr "Honey Harvestor" for Sale
"Hi Anita,

  Called and left  you a message last week... still available, at your convenience!

Oct 8, 2018
Jason Fink posted a discussion
I built myself a slightly modified TJ Carr 'Honey Harvester'  this year, and built a few others at the same time.   One is in use, the others are for sale:  $135.Includes 2 new BPA-free buckets with honey gates & lids, and 3 mesh honey strainers (al…
Sep 23, 2018
Jason Fink replied to Christina Parlapiano's discussion Bee Losses So Far This Fall/Winter
"Same with one of my 4,  all bees gone in late November.  2 others don't seem to have any activity on the warm afternoons, so they may be gone as well.  They were strong hives with lots of honey stored."
Jan 17, 2018
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"Greetings top bar beeks, 

I picked up a few extra Boardman feeders, when I grabbed some for my own bees.  If anyone needs a feeder, I have them available for pickup at my house for $5.


Sep 10, 2016
Jason Fink commented on Jessie Brown's event TEDxABQ, Main Event Speaker Jessie Brown
"The Insurgent Folk band, Pawn Drive, will be playing 3 sets at the TedX After Party.
Come to the Tractor Brewery, Wells Park location after the Popejoy Talks!"
Sep 8, 2015
Jason Fink replied to chantal's discussion Plans & diagrams for top bar hive
"Fred Beck builds a fine hive!  

Hives are also available from Jason,  in completed or kit form, from NMbeeworks.com."
Sep 8, 2015
Jason Fink posted a discussion
I have (5) TJ Carr top bar hive kits available.   All the machining has been done, and the parts can be assembled following the 'TJ Carr Standardized Hive' plans available on this website (and all over the web). These kits have a single observation…
Apr 2, 2015
Jason Fink replied to jessamyn young's discussion Want to buy a top bar hive
"Hi Anita,
I have a listing on the Beeks 'for sale' page,  and a link to my site with current inventory/prices.


May 3, 2014
Jason Fink replied to jessamyn young's discussion Want to buy a top bar hive
"I have a few TJ Carr style hives available...  both with observation windows, or without.  I live near the UNM area.
Apr 28, 2014
Jason Fink replied to Camille Cunningham's discussion Spring feeding
"TJ feels 1 pint a week is the max you should feed them...  

I feel my swarm just barely made it,  with only 8 full bars going into winter.  I may feed them as much as they can consume, now that they are starting to hit the feeder again.  They need…"
Feb 21, 2014
Jason Fink replied to Paul Kline's discussion TJ
"Thanks for the news!   I hope he is doing better!"
Feb 20, 2014
Jason Fink posted a discussion
Greetings AbqBeeks,I have just completed several TBH's for spring bees activity!  Both single window and double window observation hives,  built to "TJ Carr specs", are available.Beehive photos and current inventory is listed on this site: http://ww…
Feb 18, 2014
Jason Fink posted a discussion
Greetings AbqBeeks,My Top Bar beehive inventory is maintained on my website: http://www.nmbeeworks.com/All hive built to "TJ Carr specs", using his plans and advice.I live in the UNM/North Campus area, please feel free to contact me about these hive…
Mar 19, 2013