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Mar 22, 2014 from 11:00am to 4:00pm

Indigo Gardens

Mar 10
Kate Viers posted a discussion
Hi All!I am going to be initiating a trap out and because of some cross combing and treatment issues with my current, only top bar hive, I am was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell me a couple of top bar combs of eggs/brood. You can reply…
May 23, 2016
Kate Viers posted a discussion
Hello!The other week one of my hives swarmed, which is great, only, when I checked on them on Friday, they looked to be queenless, no eggs or brood but still lots of bees and honey. I'd like to get a queen in there as soon as there is one available.…
Jun 9, 2014
Kate Viers posted a discussion
Hey Ya'll, I am needing to queen my trap out after two unsuccessful queen raising by adding comb with eggs. They don't seem bad off so I would like to give them a queen asap, so that they wont have any issues. It's strange because the last I checked…
Jun 18, 2013
Kate Viers replied to Christina Parlapiano's discussion How Often Should We Open Our Hives
"If you have top bar and it's early in the season, I would tend to check more often so that you can prevent cross-combing. Once a week or every 10-14 days seems to be good. Also, in an established hive, during swarm season, I also check often for sig…"
Jun 3, 2013
Kate Viers posted a discussion
Does anyone else think that there could possibly be a name rotation on the swarm list? Maybe I just think this because my last name is Viers but… if I ever hope to get any calls, I had better get married or something.  ;)
Jun 2, 2013
Kate Viers commented on Jessie Brown's event August 2012 Abq Beeks Meeting
"This sounds like a great meeting! I'm going to buy that book too!!!"
Aug 19, 2012
Kate Viers replied to Kate Viers's discussion Queen activity…?
"Thanks so much for your reply. I do believe the queen is still there because I saw her the last time I was in there and the hive was already dipping in population. I didn't spot any eggs but there was larva and capped brood… just not a lot, no queen…"
Aug 19, 2012
Kate Viers posted a discussion
Hey everyone, This is my first year beekeeping and I have 1 top bar hive. Things have been good all year. The queen has had a spotty brood pattern but they were producing so well, to 16 bars in no time that I wanted to give her the benefit of the do…
Aug 18, 2012
Kate Viers commented on Jessie Brown's event July 2012 Abq Beeks Meeting- CANCELLED
":( That's too bad. Always seem to be covering the questions that are floating around in my head. Looking forward to next month."
Jul 26, 2012
Kate Viers replied to John Lebsack's discussion Bees collecting at entrances at night.
"It is normal. This is called bearding the hive… or a bee beard. It's what the bees do when it's hot to ventilate the hive. It's not necessarily a bad sign as bees like the sun but you might consider, if they get nothing but full sun, providing a lit…"
Jul 26, 2012
Kate Viers commented on Jessie Brown's event June 2012 Beeks Meeting
"Will you be doing a tbh honey harvest demo?"
Jun 11, 2012
Kate Viers replied to chantal's discussion VIDEO: How to install a TBH package with TJ
"Thank you! I was contacted and am so excited to work with her!"
Mar 27, 2012
Kate Viers replied to Kate Viers's discussion Getting Started Questions.
"@ Janna- Those classes look awesome but unfortunately out of budget for me. I do however feel lucky to be a part of such a great beekeeping community and hopefully I'll be in contact with a mentor soon.
Thank you Ted and Chantal, I can see why feedi…"
Mar 27, 2012