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Apr 2
Raymond Espinoza replied to Chris's discussion Equipment to Reach Eave of Two Story House
"Hi Chris, depending on how the eave is constructed you can sometimes access bees in a soffit through the ceiling of the second floor room closest to the bees entrance, I determine ths by scoping using a borescope/endoscope, I drill a hole big in the…"
Mar 29
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Mar 10
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"Welcome Aboard Rubel."
Dec 15, 2019
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"Hi Bridget, Best wishes to you, I am retiring in about a year and becoming a hobbyist, so in anticipation I have scaled down to a maximum of 25 hives, and significantly reduced the number of removals and swarms I capture. Hopefully my daughters will…"
Jul 30, 2019
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"Welcome aboard Nancy."
Jun 28, 2019
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"Hi Hope, try reconsidering, often times equipment, weather time of day can change your outcome. I use different types of smoke on aggressive or Hot bees, try using dried Hops or Frankencense.  Research on Hops as a smoking source for Honeybees has s…"
May 16, 2019
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"Hi Mark, The bees were in a large tree, so they are deciding if they want to consider taking the tree down, since the property is up for sale the realtor wants the bees out fast and was not interested in doing a trapout, which are usually unsuccessf…"
Apr 1, 2019
Raymond Espinoza replied to Rod Reay's discussion Questions Regarding Survey

I realize after I submitted that I made an error on my beekeeping practices survey after submitting it,  under honey production I reported U.S. Lbs instead of gallons.  Is their a way to correct this."
Mar 5, 2019
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"Hi Katie, I am sure there are some beeks in the ABQ area with some local honey. Best wishes, and in my opinion the best honey comes out of your own hive."
Aug 22, 2018
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"Hi Josh,  The system requires a friend request to be accepted before you can message."
May 11, 2018
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"I have a trapout referral (homeowner seeking volunteer) in the Rio Rancho, NM area, call/message me for more information.
Honeybeerescuefarm.com "
May 11, 2018
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"Ybeline, Please Check with John Feuerherd he is also a member of ABQ beeks.   
Apr 5, 2018
Raymond Espinoza replied to Raymond Espinoza's discussion So your Ready to Keep Honey Bees in 2015!!
"If you sell raw honey and have less than 25 hives,you are not subject to processing requirements in the Corrales, NM area, some vendors require department of health inspections to sell, if you offer samples be prepared and find out in advance if you…"
Feb 27, 2018
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"Elizabeth Lake please repost the picture of the bee in Bosque Farms, I inadvertantly deleted it, opps, anyway I think the picture represents a member of the Colletidae family perhaps; Caupolicana yarrowi, members of this family are collectively refe…"
Oct 11, 2017
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"Hi Cynthia,  Welcome and Thank you for accepting my Friend request, Its alway nice to meet someone who appreciates bees, I have a warning ! "Keeping honeybees around is addictive, you may find youself beekeeping", LoL ,.  Please try posting a reques…"
Jul 27, 2017