Ron Nolte replied to Justin Armstrong's discussion PART TIME HELP WANTED
"Are you still looking for help?  Retired, but just started beekeeping again."
May 12
Ron Nolte replied to Sarah Willis's discussion Anyone with deep hive frames for sale?
I am sure you will be able to get frames at Hays Honey and Apple farm in Bosque Farms. you will enjoy chatting with the owner."
May 6
Ron Nolte posted a discussion
I currently have two hives and would like to expand in the future.  Is there a way to find land owners that would be open to having hives placed on their property?The two I have are near Shady Lakes.  Any help appreciated.
Apr 30
Ron Nolte replied to Albuquerque Beeks's discussion Introducing Virtual Mentoring!
"Old man, young beekeeper:)

I was filming the entrance to one of my hives, curious as to why there was so much activity. It turns out the bees were killing an intruder bee. How common is this, and is there anything I need to worry about other than k…"
Apr 21
Ron Nolte replied to Albuquerque Beeks's discussion Did you purchase a package of bees on this wintery day? How did it go? What did you do?
"I purchased two packages at Bosque Farms as well, and installed them on the 14th. It wasn't that cold yet, but got colder as the day wore on. We had no trouble in the installation. Place the queen between 2 frames and unceremoniously dumped the bees…"
Apr 21
Ron Nolte posted a video
I am new to beekeeping, so maybe this happens more frequently than I am aware of. Watch the bee with pollen try to come in for a landing and get side swiped.  It is hard to see in a phone.
Apr 21
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Apr 15