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Report a Swarm

How to Report a Bee Swarm in Albuquerque

The following people collect honey bee swarms in the Albuquerque area or know how to quickly find a nearby beekeeper. A phone call is the best way to get the beekeeper there quickly before the swarm departs. Keep in mind that most beekeepers on this list will travel further than the areas they are listed in, so if you don't get a response from beekeepers in one area of town, keep on calling down the list. 

Please call ASAP.

Question: Is the swarm dangerous?

No. Honey bees in a swarm are unlikely to be aggressive and sting anyone unless you attack the bees. At this stage they do not have a home to defend and they have filled up with honey in preparation for the flight to their permanent home. 

Please ask the beekeeper whether there is a charge for their time, fuel, or assistance.

*If you'd like to contribute to the New Mexico Beekeepers Association's state certified beekeeping program by reporting a swarm, please contact TJ Carr at 505-263-3025.  He will go anywhere East of the Rio Grande.  These bees will be used for teaching students in the program

Location/Area                                Name                       Phone Number                                Spanish Speaking 

Anywhere East of the Rio Grande TJ Carr 505-263-3025 Yes
Bernalillo/Placitas Tracy La Valle 505-235-0903 No
Bernalillo/Placitas Mark Sommer 505-480-3157 Yes
Bernalillo/Placitas Kim Koonce 505-550-0261 No
Bernalillo/Placitas Ken Jones 360-908-1622 No
Bernalillo/Placitas Howard Passell 505-550-5752 Yes
Downtown/Oldtown Carlos Aragon 505-385-2351 Yes
Downtown/Oldtown Kenneth Tabish 505-220-2087 No
Downtown/Oldtown Sarah Ciccotello 505-301-2442 No
Downtown/Oldtown Frank Mueller 505-463-5812 No
East Mountains/Cedar Crest/Tijeras Sara Bergert 505-377-9813 No
East Mountains/Cedar Crest/Tijeras Amy Owen 575-496-0518 No
Edgewood/Moriarity Bob Upshaw 505-974-8856 No
Los Lunas/Belen/Bosque Farms Larry Barrick 505-412-7943 No
Los Lunas/Belen/Bosque Farms Kris Isom 720-877-6381 Yes
Los Lunas/Belen/Bosque Farms Steven Murphy 505-573-0335 No
Los Lunas/Belen/Bosque Farms Raymond Espinoza 505-861-1693 Yes
Los Lunas/Belen/Bosque Farms Dan Williams 505-350-9450 No
NE Heights/Uptown Scott Widenhoefer  970-218-5566 No
NE Heights/Uptown Keith Henry  505-604-2203 No
NE Heights/Uptown Roberta Griego 323-474-7714 Yes
NE Heights/Uptown Michael Hopkins 505-235-2987 No
NE Heights/Uptown Scott Smith 254-899-5289 No
NE Heights/Uptown Chris Specter 353-0953 857-9884 No
NE Heights/Uptown Doug Ludington 505-730-98985 No
NE Heights/Uptown Steve Burton  505-750-7733 No
NE Heights/Uptown Chris Nail 505-750-3022 No
NE Heights/Uptown Mike Fickling 505-228-7869 No
NE Heights/Uptown Thomas Vigil 505-639-9038 No
NE Heights/Uptown Gavin M McCullough 505-379-0009 No
NE Heights/Uptown Chris Ewer 505-681-0936 No
NE Heights/Uptown Bill Rowland 505-228-5541 No
NE Heights/Uptown Buckner Creel 505-977-8864 No
NE Heights/Uptown James Nickles 505-672-8387 No
NE Heights/Uptown Brett Rimer 505-450-5204 No
NE Heights/Uptown Steven Hall 505-553-0476 (C) 505-284-4464 (W) No
NE Heights/Uptown Benjamin Tingey 505-554-5680 No
NE Heights/Uptown Konnie Nelson 505-410-9498 No
NE Heights/Uptown Vincent Brothers 505-250-7757 Yes
NE Heights/Uptown Tom Byrd 505-263-1832 No
NE Heights/Uptown Dennis A. Muirhead 505-293-5122 No
NE Heights/Uptown Todd Clifton 352-209-0922 No
NE Heights/Uptown William "Tad" Berlin 505-450-5057 No
NE Heights/Uptown Pat Barr 505-710-4365 No
NE Heights/Uptown Timothy McGarvey 505-235-2124 No
NE Heights/Uptown Mike Griffin 505-463-3812 No
North Valley/Los Ranchos Katie Stone 505-280-9312 Yes
North Valley/Los Ranchos Tomas Urrea 505-400-8497 Yes
North Valley/Los Ranchos Deborah Cox 505-503-5587 Yes
North Valley/Los Ranchos Patti Flanagan 505-480-5689 No
North Valley/Los Ranchos Christianne Hinks 505-270-8878 No
North Valley/Los Ranchos Brittany Gaume 505-681-8099 No
North Valley/Los Ranchos Tammy Staley 505-980-1748 No
North Valley/Los Ranchos Lara Lovell 505-604-5088 Yes
North Valley/Los Ranchos Kris Price 505-604-9899 No
North Valley/Los Ranchos Melise Scott 505-401-2769 No
North Valley/Los Ranchos Gordon Eye 342-1311 No
North Valley/Los Ranchos Laurie Ihm 505-717-5708 No
North Valley/Los Ranchos Robert Thomson 505-280-4351 Yes
Rio Rancho/Corales John Feuerherd 480-215-7279 No
Rio Rancho/Corales Ken Duckert 505-369-1012 No
Rio Rancho/Corales Dorian Folie 505-321-7571 No
Rio Rancho/Corales David Gay 505-503-5775 No
Rio Rancho/Corales Mark Wolff 505-400-9898 No
Rio Rancho/Corales Rémi Dingreville 347-563-5172 No
Santa Fe Frank Gibbons 505-490-1089 No
Santa Fe Viviette Hunt 505-321-3182 No
Santa Fe Michael Taylor 505-570-0288 Yes
South Valley/Barelas Susan Reed 505-877-2877 No
South Valley/Barelas Rip Anderson 505-681-6036 No
South Valley/Barelas Joel Deluxe 505-877-5667 No
South Valley/Barelas Mark Leclaire 505-933-9588 Yes
Southeast/Fairgrounds/Kirtland AFB Lewis Casey 505-206-9698 No
Southeast/Fairgrounds/Kirtland AFB Peter Stromberg 505-803-2288 No
Southeast/Fairgrounds/Kirtland AFB Dorothy Kerwin 505-604-7515 No
Southeast/Fairgrounds/Kirtland AFB Rod Reay 505-615-0477 No
Southeast/Fairgrounds/Kirtland AFB Zig (John Ziegler) 505-553-9445 No
Southeast/Fairgrounds/Kirtland AFB Andy Duran 505-255-9700 Yes
UNM Area/Nob Hill Charles Sanchez 505-720-1085 Yes
UNM Area/Nob Hill John and Pam Sedillo 505-319-0532 Yes
UNM Area/Nob Hill Kathy Grassel 505-715-9796 No
UNM Area/Nob Hill Rose Walker 505-804-1113 No
UNM Area/Nob Hill Andy Young 505-948-8147 No
UNM Area/Nob Hill Rich File 505-318-2030 Yes
UNM Area/Nob Hill Joan Lasche 505-238-6064 No
UNM Area/Nob Hill Erwin Ness 505-377-1804 No
UNM Area/Nob Hill Jordan Stone 505-589-8491 No
West Side/(North of Montano) Kate Viers 505-550-6959 No
West Side/(North of Montano) John Hunter 505-452-7253 No
West Side/(North of Montano) Laura Hunter 505-366-9184 No
West Side/(North of Montano) Glenna & Phil Rule 505-401-0330 No
West Side/(North of Montano) Carlos Otero 505-252-9334 No
West Side/(North of Montano) Lu Lu Sage 505-550-1529 No
West Side/(North of Montano) Ron Brooks 505-804-6794 Yes
West Side/(North of Montano) Tom Nims 980-7833 No
For native bee removals, or unknown species please call Lu Lu Sage (native bee expert) at 505-550-1529

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