Report a Swarm


How to Report a Bee Swarm in Albuquerque

The following people collect honey bee swarms in the Albuquerque area or know how to quickly find a nearby beekeeper.

A phone call is the best way to get the beekeeper there quickly before the swarm departs.

Keep in mind that most beekeepers on this list will travel further than the areas they are listed in, so if you don't get a response from beekeepers in one area of town, keep on calling down the list. 

Please call ASAP.

Question: Is the swarm dangerous?


No. Honey bees in a swarm are unlikely to be aggressive and sting anyone unless you attack the bees. At this stage, they do not have a home to defend and they have filled up with honey in preparation for the flight to their permanent home. 


Please ask the beekeeper whether there is a charge for their time, fuel, or assistance.


As beekeepers, we provide a public service removing swarms and bees.

Now in this COVID-19 pandemic, Abq Beeks is implementing NEW PROTOCOL for collecting bees. 
1. Keep social distancing, at least 6 feet away from the homeowner who has asked for our service. The best practice is no contact at all. Ask homeowners to stay inside and talk to them via a cell phone.
2. ABSOLUTELY use your own equipment, including ladders. Remember to ask how high the bees are from the ground. If you do not have a ladder that is high enough, PLEASE pass the call on to another Abqbeeks beekeeper.
As we cooperate with these safe practices to reduce exposures, we are providing a great public service by keeping everyone safe.

If you cannot reach a beekeeper in your area, please call Birdie at 505-991-5453 to be directed to a local beekeeper who can help you out.

For bumblebee or native bee questions, please call Lu Lu Sage (native bee specialist) at 505-550-1529.

Name Telephone Area Have you captured swarms in the past? Do you speak Spanish?
TJ Carr 505-263-3025 Area Anywhere East of Rio Grande Yes Yes
James W. Fitzgibbon 505-412-7870 Bernalillo/Placitas Yes Yes
Kenneth Tabish 505-220-2087 Downtown/Old Town Yes No
Sarah Malone 505-306-8771 East Mountains/Cedar Crest/Tijeras Yes Yes
Ed Girdner 505-250-7776 East Mountains/Edgewood/Tijeras/Moriarity Yes No
Amy Owen 575-496-0518 East Mountains/Edgewood/Tijeras/Moriarity Yes No
Birdie Jaworski 505-991-5453 NE Heights/Uptown Yes Yes
Konnie B Nelson 505-410-9498 NE Heights/Uptown Yes No
Dennis Muirhead 505-293-5122 NE Heights/Uptown Yes No
Bill Rowland 505-228-5541 NE Heights/Uptown Yes No
Stacy Warden 505-975-4500 NE Heights/Uptown Yes No
Chris Specter 505-353-0953/857-9884 NE Heights/Uptown Yes No
Vincent Brothers 505-250-7757 NE Heights/Uptown Yes Yes
Gary Michael Fickling 505-228-7869 NE Heights/Uptown Yes No
Rose Walker 505-804-1113 NE Heights/Uptown Yes No
Justin (Mike) Griffin 505-463-3812 NE Heights/Uptown Yes No
Buckner Creel 505-977-8864 NE Heights/Uptown Yes No
Christianne Hinks 505-270-8878 North Valley/Los Ranchos Yes No
Patti Flanagan 505-480-5689 North Valley/Los Ranchos Yes No
Frederick Smith 505-362-1582 North Valley/Los Ranchos Yes No
Brittany Gaume 505-681-8099 North Valley/Los Ranchos Yes No
Lee Gamelsky 505-362-4113 North Valley/Los Ranchos Yes No
John Feuerherd 480-215-7279 Rio Rancho/Corales Yes No
Ken Duckert 505-369-1012 Rio Rancho/Corales Yes No
Randy Swartz 505-250-6678 Rio Rancho/Corales Yes No
Ron Brooks 505-804-6794 South Valley / Available for other locations Yes Yes
Ken Reese 505-966-6676 South Valley/Bareles Yes No
Lara Lovell 505-604-5088 South Valley/Bareles Yes Yes
Rod Reay 505-615-0477 Southeast/Fairgrounds/Kirtland AFB No No
Lewis Casey  505-814-8714 Southeast/Fairgrounds/Kirtland AFB Yes No
Allison Moore 505-699-7260 Southeast/Fairgrounds/Kirtland AFB No No
Zig (John Ziegler) 505-553-9445 Southeast/Fairgrounds/Kirtland AFB Yes No
Robert Casey  505-720-6572 UNM Area/Nob Hill Yes No
Joan Lasche 505-238-6064 UNM Area/Nob Hill Yes No
Jordan Stone 505-589-8491 UNM Area/Nob Hill Yes No
Kate Viers 505-550-6959 West Side Yes No
Jennifer Davis  505-269-6974 West Side Yes No